Why TPMS service kits?

When a tyre is replaced on a vehicle without TPMS, it is normal to replace the rubber valve. In the case of a direct TPMS system, some components of the sensor must also be replaced. Every time a tyre is replaced, the suitable TPMS Service Kit must be used to replace the wear parts (nut, O-ring, nickel plated valve core, cap). This ensures safety, prevents breakdowns and avoids larger and more expensive consequential damages (For example a complete replacement of the sensor because the valve core is stucked by corrosion).


What should I do with any remaining parts of the Universal Kit (U1)?

The unneeded parts from the U1 can be disposed of properly.


How durable are the components of the TPMS Universal Kit (U1)?

Just like tires, all TPMS service kits should be stored as dark and as cool as possible, so that the technical properties are retained over a long period of time. Each component was specified, manufactured and tested by HOFMANN POWER WEIGHT according to strict OEM requirements for temperature, corrosion and aging resistance. Thus, the recommended storage life of HOFMANN POWER WEIGHT corresponds to the OE specifications. This is usually 2 years depending on the storage conditions.


Can I also buy individual components separately?

No, individual components of the Universal Kit are not for sale. 

Where can I find help if I get stuck while installing the Universal Service Kit?

The most important application examples and tips can be found in the how-to videos for the Universal Service Kit on this website. Our competent service team will answer any questions through the contact form on this website.

What should I do if the TPMS sensor has a rubber valve?

Car manufacturers use a number of different snap-in valves for TPMS sensors. These use a wide variety of attachment methods to the sensor and are therefore sensor-specific. For the maintenance of these sensors, HOFMANN POWER WEIGHT also offers customized service kits for TPMS with snap-in valves.


Does the TPMS warranty expire through the use of HOFMANN POWER WEIGHT service kits?

The warranty obligation of the manufacturer continues to exist. In addition, you receive the HOFMANN POWER WEIGHT warranty for the kits used.