Our Solution: TPMS Universal Kit U1

  • With the newly developed service kit U1, 97% of the TPMS sensors on the market with a metal valve can be maintained 
  • For all other TPMS only one additional article number (0401-0022-441) is required
  • Reduces the variety of parts for relevant service kits by 97% in the workshop
  • Significant time savings for the workshop
  • Simplification of manageable parts storage nd space savings
  • Simplify and speed up of the exchange process with U1
  • Avoidance of lost revenue due to missing parts
  • All components used in the U1 meet the manufacturer's corrosion protection standards and are warranted
  • Known OEM quality from HOFMANN POWER WEIGHT


The Universal Service Kit (U1) consists of the following components:

  • small black seal
  • large grey seal
  • metal washer
  • valve nut
  • valve core
  • valve cap


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